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How it Works

Course approval

From its inception, MCLEZ has been firmly committed to addressing the needs of attorneys and has positioned itself as a leading provider of cost-effective and time-efficient continuing legal education courses. With MCLEZ you can be confident in knowing that you'll have a superior online MCLE experience.MCLEZ provides CLE courses applicable toward MCLE requirements in the following States:
  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia

MCLEZ is an approved multiple activity provider for Alabama, California, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas and West Virginia.

The State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE activities for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirement for any CLE Provider. MCLEZ activities may qualify for credit toward your annual CLE requirement for the State Bar of Arizona under Regulation 101(G). http://www.azbar.org/AttorneyResources/mcle_text.cfm Arizona CLE Board Regulations

The courses offered by MCLEZ apply to the New York CLE requirement under New York's Approved Jurisdiction policy. To read the policy in full, please see the New York CLE Board website: http://www.courts.state.ny.us/attorneys/cle/approvedjurisdictions.shtml

Ordering process

The purchasing process is easy with MCLEZ.COM. We like to think that our site is fairly intuitive, but just in case instructions are needed, they are listed below. Follow these easy steps and you'll be able to start fulfilling your MCLE requirement with MCLEZ in no time.
  1. If you already have an account set up with MCLEZ, be sure to log in first before placing your order or make sure you use the same email address when ordering. If you are new to MCLEZ and do not yet have an account, continue on to the next step
  2. You can choose to fulfill your requirement through either individual courses, or the appropriate bundle that fulfills a specific state CLE requirement. Once you've made your decision, click "add to cart". Once that is clicked, you will be led to your shopping cart. If you'd like to select additional items to place into your cart, click "Continue Shopping" and repeat this step- otherwise, click on "Checkout"
  3. Enter your email address. If you already have an account with MCLEZ, be sure to use the email address you've previously used so that all your courses are in one account. Then click Proceed to Checkout
  4. At this point, you'll be able to review your order one more time before you enter any billing information. If the order information is correct, click on "Pay By Credit Card"
  5. Enter your billing information, and click "Continue" The required fields are marked with an asterisk
  6. The next page asks for shipping information. You do not have to enter any information here since none of it is required. Click "Continue"
  7. Supply your credit card information on this next page. Click "Continue"
  8. You will receive an email. In this confirmation email, you'll get your order confirmation and a temporary password
  9. Once your order has been processed, please confirm that the information in your profile is correct. You should also change your password to one that is easier to remember. To do this, log into your account, then go to "My Profile". On this page, make the adjustments to your account, change your password, and select the states for which you'd like to earn CLE credit.
  10. Once you complete these steps, you'll be able to start fulfilling your MCLE requirement with MCLEZ.

Fulfilling Your MCLE Requirement with MCLEZ

Course Availability

Courses are available to take immediately after they are purchased. There is no waiting period, and nothing is mailed to you. You can start taking the courses immediately after your purchase, or you can take them at another time that is more convenient.

Accessing Your Courses for the First Time

Your available courses are listed in the "My Account" section of the MCLEZ website. In order to access "My Account" you must first log into MCLEZ. Find the "log in" link on the home page and enter your email address and password. Once the log in information is accepted, you will immediately be taken to "My Account"

Prior to starting any courses, it is imperative that you declare in your account profile the state for which you'd like to earn MCLE credit. To do this, go to the "My Account" page and follow the "My Profile" link. Select the state(s) for which you'd like to earn credit, and then click "Save". Once selected, state appropriate attendance tracking and certificates will be activated for those states selected. Now you're ready to start taking your MCLE courses

Accessing Your Courses

In order to access your courses, you must log into the MCLEZ site every time. Once you log in, the first page you'll see is "My Account" This page will list all of the courses that are available for you to take and earn credit. There is no pre-set order for the courses and you can take them in any order you want.

To start a course, simply click on the course title. The next page will display the media and an information box at the bottom of the page. Simply click on the play button, and the media will begin streaming onto your computer.

Media Player

The area from which the video or audio plays, is called the media player. While you're not able to fast forward your progress, there are some important features to be aware of.
  • Play/Pause- fairly self explanatory. When you need to pause your progress, simply click on the pause button, then click on the play button when you wish to continue.·
  • Volume Control- You are able to control the volume at which the audio plays on your computer from here. Please note that you may also need to adjust your overall volume on your computer to get the optimum sound levels.·
  • Expand/minimize- MCLEZ allows you to view your video courses in full screen mode. You're no longer forced to watch a presentation through a tiny box. Make your MCLE experience more engaging with full screen mode, and when you don't want the video taking up your whole screen, simply click on the minimize button and it will shrink back into the internet browser.

Attendance Verification

The CLE Boards of Arizona, Indiana, New York and Oklahoma require attendance verification through user participation. MCLEZ has implemented a pop-up button system to verify attorney attendance. Randomly throughout the playback of the course, a button will pop up into the screen that must be clicked in order to continue with the course. You will have 2 minutes from the time that button appears to click on it. If the button is not clicked, then the course will stop and you'll have to start again from the beginning.

If you do not practice in Arizona, Indiana, New York or Oklahoma, then the attendance verification system does not apply to you. This attendance verification system is in place to comply with Arizona, Indiana, New York and Oklahoma CLE Board rules and regulations for non-traditional/online CLE platforms.

Pausing and/or Stopping a program

Say you're viewing a program, and you need the media to stop. With MCLEZ, you have two options. You can either click on the pause button to pause the media for any period of time, or you can simply close your browser window. MCLEZ technology will save your place and start you up at the last place where you left off. If you plan to be away from your computer for an extended period of time, it is suggested that you simply close the widow and start the program again when you're ready.

This feature allows you to take your MCLE at your own pace. Have one 12 hour MCLE session, or take your courses in 5 minute increments. It's just another way we make your MCLE experience easy!

Reviewing Course Information

Course information is available as you take the course. In the information box toward the bottom of the screen, there are tabs titled Program Description, Agenda, Panelist Bios, etc. These boxes will give you precisely that information.

Accessing Written Materials

In the information box at the bottom of the page where the media is streamed, there is a tab titled "Written Materials". Within that tab there are links to files that contain the written materials for the course. Download them onto your computer, and you can choose to print them out, or view them directly from your computer screen. You will need an adobe reader to read much of the materials. You can download and install a free adobe reader by following this link: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Asking Questions with the Feedback Feature

As in any classroom environment, there are always questions about the content. MCLEZ allows users to ask questions that will be sent directly to the speakers. In the information box below the media player, there is a tab titled "Feedback". Within that tab, there is a subject box and question box. Simply submit your questions with this form, and the speaker will respond to you via email within a reasonable time-frame.

Course Feedback

Do you have an opinion you'd like to share with us about your experience with MCLEZ Do you have some feedback that can help make your experience a better one? Please send us your feedback. Within the feedback tab, there is a link to our feedback page. Simply fill it out and return it to the MCLEZ office. We listen to what you have to say, and we want to hear your voice. Please send us feedback as often as you'd like, and we'll do our best to incorporate your ideas to improve the MCLEZ experience.

Certificates of Attendance

Availability of Certificates of Attendance

Certificates of attendance are available only after courses have played through completion. When courses are complete, the certificates may be accessed through the "My Certificates" page.

Accessing Certificates

On the "My Certificates" page, completed courses will be listed along with amount of credit earned, the type of credit granted, and links to the certificates of completion. The links to the certificates are named according to the state for which credit was earned. For instance, if CLE credit was earned for California and Virginia, there will be two links to certificates, "CA Certificate" and "VA certificate" which will lead to the appropriate certificates for those states.

Amending Certificates

Once a certificate has been accessed, please review it and make sure that all of the information on the certificate is correct. If there are any discrepancies, adjustments can be made either directly to the certificate, or through the "My Profile" page. Information from "My Profile" is automatically completed onto certificates of completion.

Flexibility of MCLEZ certificates

The certificates of attendance provided by MCLEZ are provided as PDF files to you greater flexibility in keeping your MCLE records. The PDF format will allow you to either print and file your certificates as done traditionally, or save your certificates electronically and have them available to print when required. If your state allows you to report electronically, the PDF format will allow you to securely store certificates of attendance on your computer and have a virtually paperless MCLE experience. It's just one of the ways we try to make your MCLE experience easier.

Important Note for Texas Attorneys

If you're an attorney practicing in Texas, your State Bar number is required in order for MCLEZ to report your attendance to the Texas State Bar. If your bar number is not provided in "My Profile", MCLEZ will assume we are not granted permission to report your credit to the Texas Bar, and that reporting CLE credit then becomes your responsibility.

Report CLE to the State Bar Associations


The California State Bar Association does not track the education hours completed by attorneys (the California State Bar doesn't know how much education individual attorneys have completed). Attorneys track their own hours and report "compliance" to the State Bar at the end of their three-year compliance period.
  • All attorneys (except those on voluntary Inactive status) report "compliance" by submitting a statement of compliance to the State Bar. That statement currently is submitted on a "Compliance Card".
  • Attorneys who are subject to the education requirement must report that they have completed the required education.
  • Attorneys exempt from the education requirement report that they were "Exempt" for the entire compliance period.
  • Do not send proof of compliance with your Compliance Card.
  • Attorneys must keep records of compliance in the event of an audit
If your compliance is audited, you must prove compliance with your MCLE requirement by providing the following:
  • The certificates of attendance given to you by providers;
  • Your record of self-study activities including, as appropriate, the title, provider, time spent in the activity, subject matter of the activity, and the date on which you engaged in the activity; and
  • Proof of Exempt status, if applicable
Do not send the records listed above with your Compliance Card. Maintain the records listed above for one year from the time you submit your Compliance Card, in case you are audited.

New York

The New York State CLE program is a self-reporting system. Certificates of attendance, and/or other documentation of compliance with, or exemption from, the CLE requirement, must be retained by the attorney, for a period of at least four years from the date of the course or program, in case of audit.

An attorney registration form will be mailed to you. You must file your attorney registration form and complete your CLE requirement within 30 days after your birthday on alternate years. If you were admitted before January 1, 1982 or in an even-numbered year (e.g., 1998), then you will register in even-numbered years. If you were admitted in an odd-numbered year after 1982, then you will register in odd-numbered years.

All attorneys must certify, at the time of their biennial registration, that they have satisfactorily completed their CLE requirement for that reporting cycle and that they have retained the proper documentation. (If, when you register, you have completed your required CLE credits but have not received all of your certificates of attendance, you may edit the relevant sentence on the attorney registration form to indicate that you are "awaiting documentation" of your compliance.

If you have not received an attorney registration form by your birthday in the second calendar year following your admission to the Bar, contact the Attorney Registration unit by e-mail at attyreg@nycourts.gov or by telephone at (212) 428-2800.


In accordance with State Bar regulations, MCLEZ will submit a record of attendance to the Texas State Bar once a month. With that said, in order to submit attendance to the Texas State Bar, the attorney's Texas Bar number is required in the MCLEZ profile. If a bar number is not a part of the attorney's profile, MCLEZ will assume we are not granted permission to report the credit to the Texas Bar, and that reporting CLE credit is the responsibility of the attorney in question.

Please note that it is not the responsibility of MCLEZ to submit this record to comply with any deadlines. If a deadline is approaching, it is the attorney's responsibility to meet that deadline.

Attorneys may certify MCLE attendance with the Texas State Bar using their online "My Bar" system.



Please see the Virginia State Bar's website for instructions for certifying your MCLE attendance. http://www.vsb.org/site/members/certifying-your-mcle-attendance

IMPORTANT NOTE: Aside from reporting the course number via the VSB online system, the Virginia State Bar will accept ONLY certificates of completion as proof of attendance. Do not send any other forms, documents or print outs to the Virginia State Bar as they will not be accepted.


The Colorado Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal Education shall send to each registered attorney and judge an Affidavit for the reporting of compliance with MCLE rules. It shall be in such form as will allow the reporting of progress towards fulfilling the units required during each applicable compliance period, as such units are earned.

At the time of payment of the registration fee required by Rule 227A or Rule 227B, each registered attorney and each judge shall submit an Affidavit showing the units of continuing legal education completed since the date such registered attorney or judge became subject to these rules or the date an Affidavit was last filed, whichever shall be later.

No later than January 31st following the end of each applicable compliance period, each registered attorney and each judge shall submit a final Affidavit showing the total units of continuing legal education completed during such period.


From the Arizona CLE Board Regulations:

On or before September 15 of each calendar year, every Arizona Bar member who was active during the educational year, and not otherwise exempted shall file with the board a completed affidavit of compliance demonstrating full compliance with the continuing legal education rule. As an alternative to filing a written certificate, the board may allow certification to be filed electronically in a method and form as approved by the board. The affidavit will be considered timely received if the envelope in which it is mailed is postmarked on or before September 15, or if the affidavit is date-stamped received by State Bar personnel on or before the close of business September 15.


Kentucky requires attorneys to submit certification of attendance, including signature, for each program. Please print the Certificate of Attendance available upon completion of each program, sign to certify attendance, and submit to the Kentucky Bar Association.

Certification may be submitted by sponsors or by individuals on approved Association forms, or uniform certificates, or any other format adopted by the Commission. Certification of completion of approved CLE activities must be received by the Director not later than August 10th immediately following the educational year in which the activity is completed. Certification shall be submitted to the Director by the sponsor of the accredited activity or by individual attorneys. Sponsors submitting certifications to the Director shall comply with all requirements set forth in SCR 3.665(6).


All Illinois attorneys are required to report compliance, non-compliance or exemptions at the end of the attorney's two-year reporting period. The MCLE Board will mail a Certification Form to each attorney at the preferred mailing address on file with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. The Certification Form must be completed and returned to the MCLE Board by the Due Date on the form.

Attorneys should not send their certificates of attendance or other proof of MCLE activities to the MCLE Board unless they have been notified that they are being audited. Attorneys must keep this documentation for three years from the end of the relevant reporting period.

Attorneys can choose to complete their Certification Form in paper or online. Paper replies should be sent by U.S. Mail or commercial delivery service. Online reporting should be done through the MCLE Board Website: https://www.mcleboard.org/atty_reporting/login.aspx


Within fifteen (15) days following the conclusion of each calendar year, the Board shall mail to each member not exempt from the requirements of SCR 210 its Form 6 to be used by the member to report compliance with SCR 210. Board Form 6 is the form referred to in SCR 211.

Board Form 6 shall be verified by the member and returned to the Board on or before March 1.

Those members, who have not completed their requirements by December 31, may receive an extension of time until March 15, upon written request to the Board. The request must be accompanied by an extension fee under SCR 211. The request needs to include the reason for the deficiency. The Board may deny repeated requests for extensions if a history of late compliance develops. Attorneys who fail to complete their credits and who do not seek an extension of time will be subject to the late fee under SCR 212, in addition to any other applicable fees or penalties.


Each member except those exempt under rule 6-10.3(c)(4) and (5) shall file a report showing compliance or noncompliance with the continuing legal education requirement. Such report shall be in the form prescribed by the board of legal specialization and education. The report shall be filed with The Florida Bar no later than the last day of such member's applicable reporting period as assigned by The Florida Bar.

Additionally, you may now post your CLE credit hours online. You will need to request a password prior to using any of the online functions. Go to www.floridabar.org. Click on Member Profile on the right side of the web page and then click on CLE Activity Posting. Please contact the Legal Specialization and Education department at (800) 342-8060 ext. 5842 with any questions regarding the online credit reporting option.


On or before January 31 of each year, each attorney admitted to practice in the state shall make a written report to the Commission, in such form as the Commission shall prescribe, concerning his or her completion of accredited legal education during the previous calendar year.

You can view your transcript at any time Online. Use the new login procedure. If you have trouble with your log-in information, please e-mail membership services at ms@alabar.org. MCLEZ will post attendance within 30 days following a program, however, if you notice that a course has not been posted within that time-frame, notify us as soon as possible so that we can correct your transcript.

If you receive a notice of non-compliance, you will have until December 31st of that year to complete your hours – so don't panic. You will also have until February 15 of the following year to correct your transcript and mail it back to us to avoid any penalties.

For more information, visit the Alabama State Bar CLE Department Website at: http://www.alabar.org/cle/


If you are an active bar member, you are required to complete 3 hours of ethics CLE each year. In addition to the 3 hours of ethics, you are encouraged, but not required, to complete 9 additional hours of CLE each year. You are required to report whether or not you have completed at least 3 hours of ethics each year. You are required to report whether you have completed 9 additional hours or more of CLE. If you have completed less than 9 additional hours of CLE, you are required to report the estimated number of additional hours completed. The deadline for reporting is February 1 for the preceding calendar year. The next report is due February 1, 2011.

Incentives for VCLE: Only members who complete at least nine hours of VCLE are eligible to participate in the Alaska Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service. If a member does not complete at least nine hours of VCLE, that fact may be taken into account in any Bar disciplinary matter relating to the requirements of Alaska Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1. The Association shall make a member's record of compliance with VCLE available to the Alaska Judicial Council for its consideration in connection with a member's candidacy for any judicial office or other position for which the Council screens and nominates candidates. The Association shall publish annually, and make available to members of the public, a list of attorneys who have complied with this rule's MECLE requirements and satisfied this rule's minimum recommendations for VCLE. The Association may adopt other incentives to encourage compliance with the VCLE recommendations.


A lawyer subject to the reporting requirements of Rule 15 must file the Attorney's Annual Report of Compliance, Form 1, with The Missouri Bar by July 31 and either report 15 hours of continuing legal education, including two hours of professionalism, ethics or malpractice prevention credits, if they are actively practicing in Missouri, or claim an exemption as a non-practicing lawyer. Even if a lawyer has carryover hours from the preceding reporting year sufficient to satisfy the annual requirements, the lawyer must file an Annual Report of Compliance by July 31 showing the carryover hours and any other programs the lawyer may have attended. (See Question 24 concerning exemptions from the reporting requirements of Rule 15)

Sponsors are required to retain attendance records but sponsors may not file compliance information on behalf of an individual lawyer.

Lawyers and sponsors are not required to send certificates of attendance from individual programs to The Missouri Bar. Each lawyer is responsible for maintaining his or her personal MCLE record.


MCLEZ will report attendance to the Oklahoma State Bar within thirty (30) days of course completion. However, it shall remain the responsibility of each member to review the accuracy of the OBA records and reports, and to be assured that exemption or compliance is recognized by the MCLEC. Reports and records are available for member review by logging on to myOKBbar on the OBA website.

On or before February 15th of each year, every active member of the Oklahoma Bar Association, who did not attain age 65 before or during the preceding calendar year, shall report in such a form as the MCLEC Shall prescribe concerning his or her completion of accredited legal education during the preceding calendar year or exemption from the requirements of these rules.


MCLEZ will report course attendance within 30 days of course completion. Additionally, on or before October 1 of each year, the Commission shall mail to each Attorney or Judge, a statement showing the Approved Courses which the Attorney or Judge is credited on the records of the Commission with having attended during the current year and the current Educational Period. This statement will be sent to the address for the Attorney or Judge listed on the Roll of Attorneys maintained by the Clerk. An Attorney or Judge shall at all times keep his or her address current with the Roll of Attorneys. If the Attorney or Judge has completed the minimum hours for the year or Educational Period, the statement will so reflect and inform the Attorney or Judge that he or she is currently in compliance with the education requirements of the Rule. It shall not be a defense to noncompliance that an Attorney or Judge has not received an annual statement. Additional statements will be provided to an Attorney or Judge upon written request and a five dollar ($5.00) fee made payable to the Continuing Legal Education Fund.

If the statement shows the Attorney or Judge is deficient in educational hours, but the Attorney or Judge believes he or she is in compliance for the year or Educational Period the Attorney or Judge shall file a letter of explanation, a Sponsor certification of course attendance, a personal affidavit of attendance, and an application for course accreditation. The documents required by this subsection shall be filed by December 31 of the year or Educational Period in question unless an extension of time to file the same has been granted by the Commission. When an Attorney or Judge has resolved the above discrepancies, the Commission shall issue a statement showing that the Attorney or Judge is in compliance with the Rule for the year or Educational Period. In the event credit is not granted, the Attorney or Judge shall have thirty (30) days after written notification of that fact to comply with the educational requirements. Failure to do so will result in referral to the Supreme Court for suspension.

North Carolina

MCLEZ will report course attendance within 30 days of course completion. For every CLE hour for which you seek credit on your CLE record with the State Bar, you will be assessed a fee of $3.00. Sponsors based outside North Carolina who charge for admission are not required to pay the fee if the activity is located outside North Carolina. MCLEZ does not pay CLE course fees. Lawyers will receive a bill for fees after they return their Annual Report Forms each year.

The CLE rules require every active lawyer, regardless of exempt status, to file an annual written report of his/her CLE activity for the preceding year. To facilitate that filing, the CLE office mails each lawyer an Annual Report Form in January. The report includes a transcript of all the CLE activity for the previous calendar year reported to our office by CLE sponsors. It is the lawyer's responsibility to review that transcript, to make any necessary changes, to verify the CLE activity, to pay any outstanding attendee fees ($3.00 per credit hour), and to return the form to us by the last day of February.

South Carolina

On forms prepared by the Commission and available through its offices (or a reasonable facsimile), each active member of the South Carolina Bar not exempt from Regulation II(A) shall, not later than March 1 of each year, file with the Commission a sworn annual report of compliance for the preceding annual reporting period and pay an annual filing fee of as specified by the Commission. Any active member submitting a report of compliance after March 1 shall pay, in addition to the annual filing fee, a late filing fee as specified by the Commission. The late filing fee shall be doubled for any member who files after the filing deadline and who has filed late and paid a late filing fee on any prior occasion.


On or before July 31 of alternate years, each lawyer subject to MCLE requirements shall file a certificate of compliance with the Board, in such form as the Board shall prescribe, evidencing the lawyer's completion of accredited CLE courses or activities ending the preceding 30th day of June. The certificate of compliance shall include the title of programs attended, or the audio or video presentation, the computer interactive telephonic program viewed or listened to, the sponsoring entity, the number of hours in actual attendance at each program, or the number of hours of such audio or video presentation, and other information as the Board shall require.

Each lawyer shall pay a filing fee in the amount of $15 at the time of filing the certificate of compliance.

Each lawyer shall maintain proof to substantiate the information provided on the certificate of compliance which has been filed. The proof may contain, but is not limited to, certificates of completion or attendance from sponsors, certificates from course leaders, or materials related to credit. The lawyer shall retain this proof for a period of four years from the end of the period for which the Certificate of Compliance is filed. Proof shall be submitted to the Board upon written request.


Each active member or other lawyer required to complete and report continuing legal education requirements must submit an MCLE compliance certification form by February 1 following the end of the lawyer's three-year reporting period or as approved by the MCLE Board pursuant to rule 11.4. If a lawyer has not completed the minimum education requirement for that lawyer's reporting period, the lawyer may complete and return to the MCLE Board a petition, which shall be accompanied by a declaration(s) or affidavit(s) in support of the request, for an extension of time to complete the requirements. If the petition is approved, the lawyer shall make up the deficiency, file a supplemental report with the Bar Association, and pay a late filing fee by the date set forth in the agreement or order extending the time for compliance.

MCLEZ is not required to report course completion or attendance to the MCLE Board. Reporting CLE course attendance is the responsibility of the attorney.

West Virginia

The West Virginia State Bar requests that attorneys submit MCLE credits online. Certificates of attendance or on Form C. may be scanned and e-mailed to greshamh@wvbar.org or may be faxed to (304) 558-2467.


By July 1 after your compliance deadline, the Vermont Continuing Legal Education Compliance Report (available at www.vermontjudiciary.org) can be submitted by email to JUD-AttyLicensing@state.vt.us by saving and adding as an attachment or you may print it out and mail it to Attorney Licensing, 2418 Airport Road, Suite 2, Barre, VT 05641


Within thirty (30) days of completion we will report course attendance to the Tennessee State Bar. Attorneys claiming credit for courses taken with MCLEZ shall be responsible for remitting their individual fees at the rate of $1.25 per approved credit hour. This fee shall be paid at the time of, and along with, the Annual Report Statement.

On or before January 31 of each year, the Commission shall prepare and mail an Annual Report Statement to each attorney covered by this Rule requesting information concerning the attorney's compliance with Section 3 of this Rule in the preceding calendar year. The Annual Report Statement shall be mailed to the attorney's address as shown in the most recent registration statement filed by the attorney pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 9, Section 20.5, or to the attorney’s last known address.

On or before March 1, each attorney shall complete the Annual Report Statement, indicating his or her completion of, exemption from, or approved substitute for accredited continuing legal education during the preceding calendar year, and shall deliver the completed Annual Report Statement to the Commission. The completed Annual Report Statement shall disclose all CLE hours earned during the preceding calendar year, including any hours to be carried forward to the following year. Any attorney whose Annual Report Statement demonstrates compliance with Section 3 of this Rule, and whose Annual Report Statement demonstrates that all fees due the Commission for the preceding calendar year have been paid, shall be exempt from the requirement to sign and deliver to the Commission the Annual Report Statement described herein.


Within 30 days of completion, MCLEZ will report attendance to the Mississippi Commission on Continuing Legal Education.

On or before August 15 of each year, each attorney admitted to practice in the State, unless exempted from making a report under the provisions of Rule 2 hereof and regulations thereunder, shall make a written report to the Commission, in such form as the Commission shall prescribe, concerning his or her completion of accredited legal education during the CLE year having ended on July 31 of such year.

Additionally, MCLEZ reports all attendance within 30 days of course completion.

New Jersey

Every lawyer subject to the mandatory requirements of BCLE Reg. 201:1 or 201:2 shall keep and maintain a record of CLE course attendance for a period of three years from the date of attendance, regardless of the person, entity, organization or association that offered the CLE course or the format in which the CLE course was offered.

At the end of each compliance period and subject to the provisions of BCLE Reg. 401:2, every lawyer subject to the mandatory requirements of BCLE Reg. 201:1 or 201:2 shall certify to the Board, as provided under Rule 1:4-4(b) and on the Annual Attorney Registration Statement (or on such other form as provided by the Board), the lawyer’s compliance with the mandatory requirements of BCLE Reg. 201:1 or 201:2. The Board retains the right to audit any lawyer’s compliance with the mandatory requirements of BCLE Reg. 201:1 or 201:2.

Every lawyer subject to the mandatory requirements of BCLE Reg. 201:1 or 201:2 shall cooperate in any such audit and shall reply in writing within thirty days of receipt of a request for information, producing proof of compliance. Where a lawyer is unable to provide to the Board the requested information in writing within thirty days, the lawyer shall, within that time, inform the Board in writing of the reason that the information cannot be so provided and shall give a date certain when it will be provided. A failure to cooperate under BCLE Reg. 401 may qualify as a violation of RPC 8.1(b). Lawyers, at the discretion of the Board, may also be assessed certain fees to assist in the funding of the continuing legal education program.

New Hampshire

Course attendance will be reported to the New Hampshire MCLE Board within 30 days of course completion.

On or before October 1 of each year, each lawyer admitted to practice in the State, and not exempt under Rule 53.2(B)(1), (3), (4) or (6) shall file a certificate of compliance with the NHMCLE Board, in such form as the board shall prescribe, concerning either his or her completion of accredited legal education during the previous reporting year, or the basis for his or her claim of exemption under Rule 53.2(B)(2) or (5). Each such lawyer shall maintain such records or certificates of attendance as may be required to substantiate his or her compliance or exemption for a period of two (2) years following the close of a reporting year. The NHMCLE Board shall assess each lawyer admitted to practice who is not exempt under Rule 53.2(B) an annual fee, in an amount approved by the Supreme Court, to support the NHMCLE Board's operations.

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