How many minutes are in a California MCLE Credit Hour? (Calculating credit hours)

How many minutes are in a California MCLE Credit Hour? (Calculating credit hours)

California MCLE compliance credit hours are calculated based on the actual time spent in actual legal education instruction.

This includes instructor speaking time, actual time spent watching or listening to audio and video recordings, total duration spent creating activity materials for publication and the actual time spent attending a law school class or MCLE course.

To calculate attended time:

Hours are rounded up or down to the nearest quarter-hour (25 minutes) and expressed in decimal notation.

The California State Bar requires approved providers give 60 minutes credit for each hour of MCLE instruction.

This is the Formula:

Actual time spent in legal education activity ?? 60 = credit hours

It is important to understand that California attorneys will not receive California MCLE credit for break periods, lunch or any non-legal education activities.

Examples of activities that do not count as MCLE education are networking, company business meetings, sales activity, client facing activities, facility tours, product demonstrations, etc.

The following are the types of courses that can be used in this calculation of a California MCLE credit hour:

- Competence issues
- Legal ethics
- Elimination of bias
- Implicit Bias
- General legal topics that are not about practice management

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