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California MCLE Speaking Credit

It is often asked if someone can earn California MCLE credit by speaking at a California MCLE activity/course/event. Generally speaking, the answer is yes. There are however some caveats, so please read on.

A California attorney may earn participatory California MCLE credit for speaking/participating at an approved California MCLE activity/course/event.

A principal speaker (this is defined as someone who is responsible for developing and presenting a program or course and its related materials) may earn actual speaking time multiplied by four for the first actual presentation or speaking time (but only for each time a course is repeated without any significant change).

A California MCLE event panelist may earn California MCLE Course credit for either of the following for the first panel presentation:

- Scheduled individual presenting time multiplied by four, plus the actual time spent in attendance at the remainder of the presentation or when times have not been scheduled for individual presenters, an equal share of the total time for all presenters multiplied by four plus the time spent in attendance at the remainder of the course. - Actual presenting duration only for each time a presentation is repeated without significant change to the content of the presentation.
A California attorney who introduces presenters or engages as a moderator may claim only the California MCLE credit that would normally be available to any individual attendee.

An example: let?s say you are a California attorney that is a subject matter expect in criminal law. Hypothetically, if you develop a course about sentencing guidelines you can submit it to an approved California MCLE provider. If they like your course, they can get it approved individually or define it as approved by their blanket approval authorization. You can then present the course under the authority of their authorization and earn California MCLE credit as defined by the above calculations.

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