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California MCLE Providers

The only entity authorized to authorize providers and education activities for California MCLE is the State Bar of California.

There are three types of approved California MCLE providers:

Legal Specialist Provider

The State Bar?s legal specialization program certifies individual lawyers as specialists in certain domains of practicing law. These certified specialists must take and report an additional number of Legal Specialization Continuing Legal Education credits to maintain their certification. Depending what type of course it is, an educator may have to apply separately for different and distinct Legal Specialization Continuing Legal Education approval.

To be a Legal Specialist Single Activity Provider, a provider must first apply for normal MCLE credit. Next, on that very same application, they must select the applicable legal specialization option.

The application fee to obtain an Legal Specialist Single Activity Provider status is a $90 processing fee plus an additional $22 for each distinct specialty area.

These providers are given blanket approval during their authorization period to offer credit in a specified domain of law for certified specialist education activities that meet the standards for approval.

Single Activity Provider

A Single Activity Provider is authorized to provide California MCLE credit for only one activity. To be considered for Single Activity Provider status, the provider must submit an approved application to the State Bar. The application fee for Single Activity Provider status is $90. If it is approved, the provider may either offer the approved educational activity once or multiple times, without any changes, bit only for a limited two-year period.

Multiple Activity Provider

A Multiple Activity Provider is authorized to award California MCLE credit for any educational activity that complies with the constraints of the Multiple Activity Provider agreement. To apply for Multiple Activity Provider status, an educator must within a two-year period approved for four different single-activity California MCLE programs. The four MCLE California MCLE programs must each be unique and not repeat presentations of the same course. The California MCLE courses must be offered on four separate dates.

The provider must submit an application for Multiple Activity Provider status within the same period. The application fee for MAP status is $360.

If approved, Multiple Activity Provider status lasts for three-year renewal cycle, which expires on June 30 at the end of the three-year provider cycle.

Responsibilities of California MCLE Providers

Every provider must follow all State Bar rules and terms applicable to an approved California MCLE course.

Every provider must give the State Bar of California with electronic attendance reports in a form specified by the State Bar of California within two months of completion of the California MCLE course.

Every provider must keep a Record of Attendance for a California MCLE activity for four years after the presentation of the California MCLE course and provide it to the California State Bar upon request. The requested report must include the title of the California MCLE course, course date, total credit hours given, any specific credits awarded for legal ethics, elimination of bias, implicit bias, or competence issues, and whether the activity is either participatory or self-study. The report also needs to specify the full name and California State Bar number of each course student.

California MCLE Activity Rules

To be authorized as a California MCLE educational activity, a course must adhere to the rules in this section.

The California MCLE course must pertain to legal subjects directly relevant to approved providers of the State Bar or have significant and timely professional and practical material.

The presenter of the California MCLE course must have significant professional or academic experience that is relevant to the course that they are teaching.

Marketing material issued by the provider must state that the California MCLE course is approved for California MCLE credit. If approval is pending, it may state as such. The marketing material must specify the amount of California MCLE credit offered. The marketing material must state whether any of the California MCLE credit may be claimed by the attendee for required MCLE in legal ethics, elimination of bias, implicit bias or competence issues.

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