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What are the California MCLE live Webcasting rules?

California does not have any specific live webcasting rules. Live webcasts are eligible for Participatory credit as defined by the California State Bar.

The rules for Participatory credit are the following:

- The student sign-in at the time of the activity. The can on a normal sign in sheet or in electronic form.
- The California MCLE provider keeps records of students who have signed into the class
- The provider is able to issue a paper or electronic certificate of attendance to students who have participated in the course

California MCLE Courses that are attended online or by using media such as CDs, DVDS, audio tapes may also qualify as California MCLE participatory credit if the course provider has been approved to offer the course. In this situation it is incumbent on the student to contact the CLE provider beforehand to determine if participatory course credit has been approved by the California State Bar and the student should as the provider if the information is still current.

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