Neurobiology, Mindfulness and Mental Health in the Practice of Law

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Credit Hours:
IL - Mental Health - Substance Abuse : 1.0 Credits
FL - Mental Illness: 1.0 Credits
CA - Wellness Competence: 1.0 Credits
MO - Self Study: 1.0 Credits
NH - General: 1.0 Credits
NY - General: 1.0 Credits
AK - Voluntary: 1.0 Credits
AZ - General: 1.0 Credits
CT - General: 1.0 Credits
NV - Substance Abuse: 1.0 Credits
OK - Distance Learning: 1.0 Credits
IN - Distance Education: 1.0 Credits
TX - General: 1.0 Credits
TN - General: 1.0 Credits
PA - Distance Learning: 1.0 Credits
OH - Self Study: 1.0 Credits
AL - On-Demand: 1.0 Credits

Running Time: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
Faculty: Berry Crawford -

Course Description

Practicing attorneys tend to suffer from mental health symptoms and disorders at a higher rate than society at large. The pressures and dynamics of this profession can be and often are intense. In this course we look at mindfulness practice as a proven solution to deal with these challenges. We look at mental health and mindfulness through the lens of their underlying neurological correlates and explore how mindfulness is an evidenced-based solution. We close the course with practical considerations in applying mindfulness principles to law practice.