Ethical Considerations During Mediation and Arbitration

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Credit Hours:
TN - Dual: 1.37 Credits
IN - Ethics: 1.4 Credits
NY - Ethics: 1.5 Credits
CA - Ethics: 1.5 Credits
CT - Ethics: 1.5 Credits
OH - Attorney Professional Conduct: 1.25 Credits
FL - Ethics: 1.5 Credits
TX - Ethics: 1.5 Credits
ND - Ethics: 1.0 Credits
UT - Ethics: 1.5 Credits
NH - Ethics: 1.25 Credits
NJ - Ethics: 1.6 Credits
KY - Ethics: 1.5 Credits
AK - Ethics: 1.0 Credits
AZ - Professional Responsibility: 1.0 Credits
NV - Ethics: 1.5 Credits

Running Time: 1 Hours, 22 Minutes
Faculty: David Graulich, Esq. -

Course Description

In this course we will look at the ethical considerations that should be followed during the mediation and arbitration processes. First, we will review both mediation and arbitration at a high level and investigate what roles they play in the alternative dispute resolution process. We will then look at the ethical frameworks that have been developed by the American Bar Association for mediation and arbitration. We will finish the course by exploring real world scenarios of these principles in action by investigating specific cases where these issues arose.