Aliant Law - Economic Crime Conference

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Credit Hours:
FL - General: 2.5 Credits
CT - General: 2.0 Credits
NY - General: 2.5 Credits
TN - General: 2.0 Credits
NV - General: 2.0 Credits
IN - Distance Education: 2.0 Credits
OH - Self Study: 2.0 Credits
TX - General: 2.0 Credits
NC - General: 2.0 Credits
CA - General: 2.0 Credits
AZ - General: 2.0 Credits
ND - Self Study: 2.0 Credits
UT - Self Study: 2.0 Credits
IL - General: 2.0 Credits
NH - General: 2.0 Credits
NJ - General: 2.4 Credits
PA - Distance Learning: 2.0 Credits
KY - General: 2.0 Credits
AK - Voluntary: 2.0 Credits
MO - Self Study: 2.0 Credits
OK - Distance Learning: 2.5 Credits

Running Time: 2 Hours, 0 Minutes
Faculty: Jacob Stein, Esq -

Course Description

This program features an expert panel of attorneys from across the world who discuss global trends in sanctions and Asset Recovery, particularly in relation to the Ukraine-Russia war. This second Aliant Law International Economic Crime Conference provides valuable information for attorneys who represent U.S. businesses impacted by sanctions on Russia, both here and globally. Attorneys from the UK, Italy, India, and France identify which countries have, or have not been affected, in various sectors, such as the financial sector, shipping, aviation and energy. Remedies or compliance measures, such as asset-recovery (seizure of ships/aviation), anti-money laundering statutes in numerous countries. and whistle-blower remedies are examined. The panelists also discuss immigration and human rights issues and specific remedies implemented (or not) in many countries. This program is of great value for lawyers who value the expertise of colleagues from other countries and how they asses the relative impacts of this conflict on the global legal landscape for businesses and other clients across the globe and in the U.S., and recommendations they have on how to best provide protective legal measures for their clients.