FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

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Credit Hours:
MS - General: 1.8 Credits
GA - Self Study: 1.5 Credits
CT - General: 2.0 Credits
SC - General: 1.8 Credits
OH - Self Study: 1.75 Credits
CA - General: 1.75 Credits
NY - General: 2.0 Credits
AZ - General: 2.0 Credits
IL - General: 1.75 Credits
NH - General: 1.75 Credits
TX - General: 2.0 Credits
NJ - General: 2.2 Credits
KY - General: 1.75 Credits
FL - General: 2.0 Credits
VA - General: 2.0 Credits
MO - Self Study: 2.1 Credits
OK - Distance Learning: 2.0 Credits
IN - Distance Education: 1.8 Credits
UT - Self Study: 1.5 Credits

Running Time: 1 Hours, 48 Minutes
Faculty: Pete Sorenson -

Course Description

The crux of the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. Sec. 552) is to make Federal agencies accountable for information disclosure policies and practices. While the Act does not grant an absolute right to examine government documents, it does establish the right to request records and to receive a response to the request. If a record cannot be released, the requester is entitled to be formally advised of the reason for the denial. The requester also has a right to appeal the denial and, if necessary, to challenge it in court. Consequently, access to information of the Federal Government can no longer be controlled by arbitrary or unreviewable actions of a hidden bureaucracy. This program introduces attorneys to FOIA and (includes a discussion of FOIA and Environmental Law)