Copyright Infringement - Defending Lawsuits and Protecting Assets

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Credit Hours:
CA - General: 1.0 Credits
NY - General: 1.0 Credits
TX - General: 1.0 Credits
IL - General: 1.0 Credits
NJ - General: 1.3 Credits
CT - General: 1.0 Credits
PA - Distance Learning: 1.0 Credits
NV - General: 1.0 Credits
ME - Self Study: 1.0 Credits
AZ - General: 1.0 Credits
NH - General: 1.0 Credits
AL - On-Demand: 1.0 Credits
FL - General: 1.0 Credits

Running Time: 1 Hours, 4 Minutes
Faculty: Jacob Stein, Esq -

Course Description

Attorneys Jacob Stein and Scott Lesowitz focus on how to defend infringement lawsuits and protect assets in the event of a lawsuit. Topics addressed include the elements of infringement, Fair Use - an unsure defense, available damages for copyright infringement and the importance of registration, liability for the acts of employees and use of independent contractors, protecting assets in the event of infringement, (actual, statutory and attorney fees), entity structures for ownership of copyrights, foreign entities and collection, jurisdiction over foreign defendants in American courts and collection of damages against foreign entities.