The Five Fundamentals of Federal Employment Law

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Credit Hours:
TN - General: 1.28 Credits
NY - General: 1.5 Credits
CA - General: 1.25 Credits
AL - On-Demand: 1.3 Credits
WV - General: 1.54 Credits
AZ - General: 1.25 Credits
WA - General: 1.25 Credits
NH - General: 1.28 Credits
CT - General: 1.25 Credits
IL - General: 1.25 Credits
NJ - General: 1.5 Credits
PA - Distance Learning: 1.5 Credits
FL - General: 1.0 Credits

Running Time: 1 Hours, 17 Minutes
Faculty: David Graulich, Esq. -

Course Description

In this course, attorney David Graulich will cover the five fundamentals of employment law. He begins by discussing title 7 of the Civil Rights Act, which basically begins the modern era of employment law. He will then will move on to cover at will employment, who is an employee? (employee vs. independent contractor), exempt or non-exempt? and the large area of leaves of absence law under the federal venue.