Got a Handle on Employee Leaves of Absence

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Credit Hours:
CA - General: 1.0 Credits
CO - General: 1.32 Credits
NY - General: 1.0 Credits
NJ - General: 1.2 Credits
WV - General: 1.2 Credits
FL - General: 1.0 Credits
TN - General: 1.0 Credits
TX - General: 1.0 Credits
AL - On-Demand: 1.0 Credits
WI - On-Demand: 1.0 Credits
GA - Self Study: 1.0 Credits
AZ - General: 1.0 Credits
NH - General: 1.0 Credits
CT - General: 1.0 Credits
IL - General: 1.0 Credits
MO - Self Study: 1.2 Credits
WA - General: 1.0 Credits

Running Time: 1 Hours, 6 Minutes
Faculty: Jason A. Geller -

Course Description

Jason A. Geller, Managing Partner of Fisher & Phillips' San Francisco office, addresses recent requirements for employer compliance with updated regulations under the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and significant distinctions between CFRA and the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Because these laws are quite similar in many respects, the description of an employer and employee's duties under CFRA will parallel those under the FMLA. Jason also addresses practical challenges faced by the parties in complying with these laws and suggested policies and practices to ensure compliance.