Cyber Stalking: Who's Watching Me

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Credit Hours:
CO - General: 1.4 Credits
WV - General: 1.4 Credits

Running Time: 1 Hours, 11 Minutes
Faculty: Deborah Gonzalez -

Course Description

We live in a surveillance world. The technology exists for everyone to watch everyone. The technology exists for us to be connected online all the time. Is this what we want?

In this course, attorney Deborah Gonzalez presents an overview of new legal concerns regarding cyber-stalking, cyber harassment, and cyber bullying. Ms. Gonzalez will discuss how new consumer technology such as wearable tech, which is getting smaller and smaller, with the capabilities of recording audio and video without detection, along with the viral nature of social media, is leaving more and more people vulnerable to various types of online abuse. These types of issues have caused states to revise their current general harassment statues, to include language addressing electronic communications. Ms. Gonzales will cover some of these updates as she discusses how various states are choosing to approach these issues. Ms. Gonzalez will also cover several cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment cases, as well as explain the difference between the two. Ms. Gonzalez will conclude the presentation with a brief discussion about current cyber-voyeurism and cyber-revenge porn laws.