What Every Lawyer Should Know About Cyber Security

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Credit Hours:
CO - General: 1.3 Credits
WV - General: 1.3 Credits

Running Time: 1 Hours, 5 Minutes
Faculty: Deborah Gonzalez -

Course Description

This informative presentation will cover current cyber security risks that affect today's attorneys, their firms, and clients. Deborah Gonzalez will begin by covering the basics of online security before delving deeper into the major cyber threats awaiting attorneys and their firms in a new and fast changing digital world. She will discuss critical issues, such as the importance of cyber security awareness, so that attorneys will have a better understanding of cyber vulnerabilities, as well as what security measures they can take to minimize risk and provide a reasonable level of security. Deborah will also cover issues such as ethical obligations, which may be compromised by a lack of understanding or preparation when it comes to protecting sensitive, confidential information.