PowerPoint for Attorneys

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Credit Hours:
CO - General: 1.62 Credits
FL - Technology: 1.0 Credits

Running Time: 1 Hours, 21 Minutes
Faculty: Russell Jackman, Esq. -

Course Description

In today's modern courtroom, the use of technology as part of a trial presentation is essential. It is important for attorneys to understand the high tech tools available to them, and Microsoft Office 2014. PowerPoint is one of the most useful tools available -- if it is used correctly! In this presentation attorney and trainer Russell Jackman discusses and demonstrates how to get the most out of PowerPoint. Topics include how it can be used to organize a case visually, zoom in on important elements in a document or image using cropping and animation, charts, motion paths, animated timelines and more. Also discussed are strategies on what specific animations, colors and techniques work best in litigation scenarios.